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Xiamen is located in Southeast of Fujian province,it is considered as the cleanest port city in China thus people call Xiamen "the garden on the sea" or call it "green island". Back to Song dynasty it started its administrative founding until now.There are a great vriety of sights to witness in Xiamen.Gulangyu Island, the most beautiful island near Xiamen, has won great reputation for its Sunlight Rock and Shuzhuang Garden.South Putuo Temple, which is located at the foot of Wulaofeng and is deemed to be the most renowned Buddhist temple in Xiamen.Xiamen Botanical Garden, known as the Wanshi Botanical Garden,which has scenic spots such as the Morning Bell of Heaven, the Reading and Music Playing Cave, the Cloud Locking Stones, the Jade Scepter Rock and the Peace Stone. In the past decade, Xiamen has changed a lot with rapid advancing in agriculture,industry,science technology and education areas.

Xiamen University, located in Xiamen, Fujian province, is the first university in China founded by overseas Chinese. Before 1949, it was originally known as the University of Amoy. The university is one of many comprehensive universities directly administered by the Chinese Ministry of Education. In 1995 it was included in the list of the "211" Project for the state key construction; in 2000 it became one of China's higher-leve1 universities designated for the state key construction of the 985 Project.

Zhongshan road, is the oldest commerce street in Xiamen wіth crowds of people traveling everyday for its various commodities. Zhongshan Road is reflection of the prosper of Xiamen. In other words, Zhongshan Road is the spokesman of Xiamen and the pride of Xiamen residents.

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